The do’s and don’ts of how to organise your home, your style, and yourself.

Edit & Alter  prides itself on establishing manageable and realistic methods to fulfil ANY project you may need assistance with. With every project we offer the highest level of professionalism, positivity, convenience, and also the flexibility to fulfil any tasks you need doing. 


We maintain the theory of happy mind, happy life, and we believe the first step to this is keeping your home a clean, organised and manageable environment. We can provide advice on interior design and help with implementing strategies to sustain a relaxing and calming household where you can go to destress. Our main goal is to extract the stress from life’s chaotic chores and create a structure that eases you into a calmer lifestyle and allows to focus on the important things in life.

We support the concept that life should be spent living, achieving, dreaming. Being organised has been proven to reduce stress and open up valuable time to work on yourself and enjoy life. We will assist you in finding ways to make your home goals achievable and grow them at a realistic pace. 

At every stage of your life there comes another priority that you need to filter into your day-to-day responsibilities. This could be a new baby on the way, a new job, downsizing/ upsizing your home, or even moving into your first home. All of these milestones include a transition from old to new habits and we want to help you appreciate these moments rather than stress at the thought of
what to do.


Organisation can be seen as too complicated or stressful, people may simply find they don’t have enough time to complete a project whilst maintaining their work or social life. As organisational professionals, we are here to remove this image and replace it with systematically thought out processes that are easy to insert into day to day life.

Prioritise your health

If you're anything like me, organising is more than just moving a few things around, it's about creating an environment for myself that makes me feel safe and comfortable. Having day to day routines and organisational patterns lower my stress levels and allow me to focus on my life goals and achieving the long list of things I want to do!

If you find it difficult to juggle all of your personal and professional responsibilities alongside household projects, we are here to swap the stress and anxiety for the calm and relaxed. Offering peace of mind comes free with any consultation, we appreciate that everyone manages their workload in different ways and many people take too much stress away with each task. Our main goal from this business is to make all clients feel that with every accomplishment, small or big, there is satisfaction and appreciation to be gained.

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