How can a professional organiser help you?

We can assist you with projects small or large, and focus on getting to the end result in the most efficient way! Your needs could be personal, professional or family related.. either way, we are here to help. Professional organising is a service that can benefit you in so many ways, whilst achieving results, we are also providing clients with peace of mind and are taking away responsibilities that they no longer need to dwell on. We help with the physical and digital spaces in your life, we assist with decision making, facilitate actions, alongside the removal of unwanted possessions, cleaning and decluttering.

We seek to help everyone, but especially those that find tasks like organising overwhelming and stressful. It can be extremely difficult to focus on these projects when you are currently going through transitions related to many things such as a new baby on the way, a divorce, an empty nest and so much more. It could be anything, but they all lead to you feeling frustrated, angry, or emotional, and this is where we want to step in as a helpful hand.


Aran - Chesham

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my early 30's. One of my main struggles with this was bringing order and calm to my home and life. Edit & Alter has shown me how small changes can have large and profound effects that then travel throughout all areas of your life. I now have a home that is conducive to a far more happy, healthy and logical way of living. If you want to improve your quality of life and mind, starting with your home, I recommend Edit & Alter!