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EDIT & ALTER focus on executing each project thoughtfully, strategically, and with one main goal... to simplify and streamline your home so that they continue to be a place you can really call home. Professional organising is a service that offers solutions when stuck with unused spaces, the organisational systems put in place will benefit your every day life. and eventually even start saving you money and time. With each service offered, we are providing clients with peace of mind and a bespoke plan of action tailored to every individual.


EDIT & ALTER  help organise and declutter the physical and digital spaces in your life, we assist with decision making, and facilitate actions alongside the removal of unwanted possessions, cleaning and decluttering. We will work to facilitate the removal of unwanted items by recycling and repurposing.


We offer invaluable advice to all of our clients and are always there to talk through any worries or concerns you may have. Many people who hire professional organisers are overwhelmed and are not sure which direction to go in. This is where we can help you. You have the control, we have the know how. So let's get to work!

Living room


- DECLUTTER (all items removed from your home will be recycled and repurposed)

- ORGANISATION (implement organisational systems to increase practicality)
- HOME CLEARANCE (a clear out made quick and easy)

- MOVING HOME (assistance with packing your home, and once you're all moved, move you back in)

Not sure if what you're looking for is listed, contact us directly to discuss any alternative

projects you need assistance with.

Home Interior

Edit & Alter  prides itself on establishing manageable and realistic methods to fulfil ANY project you may need assistance with. With every project we offer the highest level of professionalism, positivity, convenience, and also the flexibility to fulfil any tasks you need doing. 


We maintain the theory of happy mind, happy life, and we believe the first step to this is keeping your home a clean, organised and manageable environment. We can provide advice on interior design and help with implementing strategies to sustain a relaxing and calming household where you can go to destress. Our main goal is to extract the stress from life’s chaotic chores and create a structure that eases you into a calmer lifestyle and allows to focus on the important things in life.

We support the concept that life should be spent living, achieving, dreaming. Being organised has been proven to reduce stress and open up valuable time to work on yourself and enjoy life. We will assist you in finding ways to make your home goals achievable and grow them at a realistic pace. 

Modern Bathroom

At every stage of your life there comes another priority that you need to filter into your day-to-day responsibilities. This could be a new baby on the way, a new job, downsizing/ upsizing your home, or even moving into your first home. All of these milestones include a transition from old to new habits and we want to help you appreciate these moments rather than stress at the thought of
what to do.


Organisation can be seen as too complicated or stressful, people may simply find they don’t have enough time to complete a project whilst maintaining their work or social life. As organisational professionals, we are here to remove this image and replace it with systematically thought out processes that are easy to insert into day to day life.



With every job, the client will receive a detailed invoice. A deposit is required at the start of every project and will be taken off the final bill, the payment can be made via credit card, bank transfer or cash. Edit and Alter offer confidentiality and privacy agreement with every client. Any photos taken and used for the website are with the clients approval and consent. Regarding services 'organising and decluttering' a minimum of 4 hours is required for each session. Re-scheduling is available, however if the client cancels a project within 7 days of the agreed time and date, Edit and Alter hold the right to take 50% of the amount due.


To understand more of our terms and conditions please see our disclaimer and privacy policy below.




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