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I don't like Mondays... actually, I do!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Mondays are... blue, they are full on, they stress us out, they are just 'ugh', but it doesn't have to be that way. Monday is the start of the week, the beginning, where your weekly tone is set and where the hard work of the week is built up. It holds the momentum of the week and if we start it off with negative connotations, chances are, the rest of the week will follow. Knowing how your Monday's could be spent might make you change your mindset on the day and how you spend yours.

Why do we find Monday's so hard? The reason being is one of many.. it's part of our culture to hate it.. the TGIF attitude has spread worldwide and it's highly contagious! Monday is following on from the two days of freedom we long for each week. We spend all our weekends trying to cram so much in that time, sleep longer, eat and drink more, which results in us making ourselves more tired than we would normally be. This feeling can be worse for people who follow the 9-5 routine, but the natural cycle is felt by all, the transition from having fun and pleasure to working hard and making a living is a tough one to bare. It is psychologically set in us that we tend to feel a loss or disappointment that the weekend is over, and then have to move onto our responsibilities, rather than choosing what we want to do.

So how can we change this? Do we really want to spend every Monday we have wasted on negative emotion and lacking enthusiasm just because of what day of the week it is. The average person lives 79 years, that's around 4108 Mondays we are spending feeling blue. Putting that into perspective, something needs to change, let's turn this around, instead of allowing this day to be full of dread, let's increase our Monday motivation, understand how we can change our outlook on the day, and bring more fulfilment to our least favourite day.

Starting with:

1) Make your plan for Monday, on a Friday Don't waste your weekend with planning your Monday - Friday. Get yourself prepared so that you can prevent yourself feeling overwhelmed that you are unorganised for the coming week. It doesn't have to be an in depth list, just an outline of how you need to spend your week and list your main priorities.

2) Source your main dislike for Mondays You need to identify your main problem with Mondays and find a solution. Set yourself up for a successful Monday by making time for yourself the night before. Relax yourself, meditate, read, talk to a friend - all to get you into a positive mindset for the next day. Learn to connect with yourself and get rid of those blues.

3) Make Mondays enjoyable Plan something after you have finished work. When you are looking forward to a trip, or a meeting, a hobby, it will discourage the negative impact Mondays have towards you. Meet a friend for dinner, listen to music, exercise, anything that gets you excited and enjoying your day.

4) Meal prep

Preparing your meals for each day of the week is a weight lifted off of your mind. We waste so much time faffing around trying to find something to eat each day, or overspending in shops on our lunch break. By organising your weekly meals the weekend before, you save time, money and the inevitable stress you would feel Monday morning when you have nothing to eat!

5) Morning ritual

Begin Monday at peace. Try and get up earlier, do some exercise, yoga, pray, have a healthy breakfast and build yourself up for a fantastic Monday and an even better week. Start the day stress free and it will be more likely to stay that way

6) Be grateful A positive attitude goes a long way. Feeling grateful for everything you have, and the people around you can make you see the world in a different light

If you don't like Mondays, do something about it. Try some of these tips out, and you could see Monday in a completely different way. Make a small change and you could spend an extra 4108 days of the year with a smile on your face!

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