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Edit and Alter offer a professional service that is directed at selling your home for the most and in the quickest time. Our bespoke service is tailored to making the process of moving as easy and stress free as possible. Having your property professionally serviced will add to our joint goal of maximising your return of investment. 

Behind every move is a highly adaptable, creative interior designer ready to assist you once you have moved in. From SA's and HMO's to Air Bnb's and Hotels - we are experienced, up to date with latest trends and ready to turn your property into your dream. 

Moving home can be made so much easier with this service. Home staging encourages more viewings and multiple offers that exceed the asking price. There are many reasons why a potential buyer will skip past your property on RightMove, and it is the way that your home has been showcased. With our advice and expertise, there are simple and effective ways that you can get buyers hooked on your property, and whats more, our advice and services are cost effective and suited to your budget.

Home office

Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective that can assist in the most important declutter you will do in your life. This process is extremely important when moving home as buyers are searching for a place they can see themselves living in, but this is proved more difficult if there is clutter everywhere. Organising and decluttering your home will assist with depersonalising your home and allowing your potential buyers to see their new life in your property. Even if you aren't moving home, and are feeling overwhelmed with too much clutter and mess building up in your home - decluttering is a service that can be life changing with your mental health and how you function in your home.

Bedroom Interior

We are working with amazing suppliers that allow us to design spaces where you are filled with joy and adoration. Edit and Alter will combine various style trends to fit your criteria, no matter how obscure. We understand the importance of living in a space that expresses you and your personality, it is our dedication to the detail in the design that gives our clients satisfaction. Working through the stages from concept, to presenting it to our clients through the form of mood boards, to creating the final design, sourcing furniture and fittings, and executing the design project.

Bedroom Interior
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