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Interior Design


An organised sale, is a quick sale..

Edit and Alter are a Home Staging and Interior Design Company located in Buckinghamshire and working throughout the UK.


Created in 2020, to assist clients in organising a smooth and successful house sale and styling their homes to suit the next potential buyer.


We have assisted sales that have encouraged up to 10% more than the original valuation with competing offers. E&A will focus on organising your home to get you ready for selling and stage it to perfection.


Timing is everything when selling properties, that's why we are dedicated to working efficiently alongside your schedules. Relative to the amount of time and money that can be spent when selling properties, home staging is one of the most lucrative projects you'll ever undertake.​

We invest 100% of our time, effort and empathy towards our clients. Selling your home can be one of the most stressful things you do, alongside having a baby or starting a new job! With Edit & Alter, you not only get a professional, highly ethical, hard working stager and designer, but you also get someone who cares and is dedicated to getting you the most for your money and making the process as simple and stress free as possible.

bedroom interior
Interior design
bedroom decor

Our Services

Interior design


We are working with amazing suppliers that allow us to design spaces where you are filled with joy and adoration. Edit and Alter will combine various style trends to fit your criteria, no matter how obscure. We understand the importance of living in a space that expresses you and your personality, it is our dedication to the detail in the design that gives our clients satisfaction. 

Home staging


Moving home can be made so much easier with this service. Home staging encourages more viewings and multiple offers that exceed the asking price. There are many reasons why a potential buyer will skip past your property on RightMove, and it is the way that your home has been showcased.



Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective that can assist in the most important declutter you will do in your life. This process is extremely important when moving home as buyers are searching for a place they can see themselves living in, but this is proved more difficult if there is clutter everywhere. 

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Our Work

Featured in..


Living etc magazine
Living etc magazine

Our knowledge

...and experience of the property market has allowed us to transform empty properties into a place buyers can call a home.

We understand that first impressions mean everything, so we focus all of our energy on creating a space where clients can visualise themselves living there.

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Interior design

Home Staging..

...will always be cheaper than your first price reduction so it’s a no brainer if you are already struggling with selling. Working closely with estate agents, and sellers, we are here to maintain a buzz around your home until it comes off the market!

Edit and Alter are members of the Home Staging Association - Promoting one of the most powerful marketing tools when selling your property. Being part of this association will guarantee you are working with an industry professional, with industry knowledge and connections to suppliers and other staging professionals.

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