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Staging is when you prepare a residential or commercial property ready for sale. This includes targeting the potential buyers of your specific property and styling it appropriately by adding furniture and decor.

Staging is one of the top marketing strategies that has been proven to work when selling your property. Up to 83% of estate agents agree that by focusing on dressing up your house, and showing it in the best light, it will sell quicker and for the highest possible price.

Staging your home before selling is important in many ways as it allows the potential buyer to visualise the property as their future home. Since the beginning of the pandemic it has become increasingly important that clients have photos, videos, and virtual tours available - by investing in this key service you will have access to a designer, photographer/videographer, and a stager.

When staging your home you will be minimising the flaws of the house and highlighting its best features - it will also help with creating an environment where people want to linger, therefore increasing the saleability of the house.

If you are looking for a short-term fix and do not want to invest in renovating your home, that is perfectly fine. Staging doesn't have to be a large investment, there are ways in which we can provide affordable alternatives to showcase your home.

What you can get with Edit and Alter:

✅ Staging packages, including furniture rental, delivery and assembly (ideal for empty properties)

✅ Quick sales & high ROI

✅ Furnished SA and HMO's with high quality furniture, and design it accordingly to suit the client

Moving home can be made so much easier with this service. Home staging encourages more viewings and multiple offers that exceed the asking price. There are many reasons why a potential buyer will skip past your property on RightMove, and it is the way that your home has been showcased.


With our advice and expertise, there are simple and effective ways that you can get buyers hooked on your property, and whats more, our advice and services are cost effective and suited to your budget.

​The cost of property staging depends on several factors, such as the size and condition of your property, the style and quality of the furniture and accessories, the duration of the rental period, and the location and demand of your market. Here are some general guidelines to help you estimate the cost of property staging for serviced accommodation.

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Whether your are staging an empty property or partially empty, we will re-design and stage the entire home. A home that is empty can be a lot harder to sell or maintain longer viewings, so within this package our team will focus on dressing your home and making a memorable first impression that will stay with the client. 


This package includes: Mood board, design POA, furniture rental, styling, and photography

All pricing is based on a minimum 6 week rental period.

Starting from:

1 Bed: £1795


2 Bed: £2295


3 Bed: £2795​


4 Bed+: POA


Dinning Room Interior



Your marketing is just as important as any other element of moving home. 90% of clients search online during their home buying process, if they can't see high quality photos of the properties they are interested in, they will move onto the next. Having professional photos taken of your home will make your property stand out amongst others and increase your chance of a successful sale.


This package includes: Photo and video content

Your professional photography package starts from £250


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