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White Bedroom


Property staging services are a worthwhile investment for serviced accommodation owners who want to boost their business and reputation. By hiring a professional company to stage your property, you can ensure that your property looks its best and impresses your guests. You can also enjoy more bookings, higher rates, and lower expenses.

Wooden Floor Dinning Room


Pricing starting from:

1 Bed: £1895
2 Bed: £2395
3 Bed: £2845
4 Bed: £3195

Dining Table and Chairs

Serviced apartments are the fastest growing sector in hospitality. The global total of serviced apartments have now reached well over one million units. This shows a 30% increase over six years, with Europe being cited as a key player.

With this in mind, we can assist you in taking advantage of this market and supplying you with furniture that offers luxury and efficiency.

Dining Table and Chairs
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