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Professional packing services and the benefits they come with..

Updated: 4 days ago

professional packers

Packing up really does come with its ups and downs! At one point when it all gets a bit much you know for a fact you’ll be running to the wine fridge and begging for your friends and family to come over and help ease the pain of packing up every last item you’ve gained/hoarded for the last few years. Who knew you needed 12 different types of bottle openers and copious amounts of disposable cutlery!? I know, I know, you thought you'd need it one day, that's okay! Moving home in itself is one of THE most stressful things you can experience, so do yourself a favour, don't add more stress on top of that, get yourself a professional packer.

The main struggles that past clients have felt when they are packing up their own home are:

- You didn't order enough packing materials

It is extremely common for you to not order enough packing materials and have to make two or three more expeditions to go and get more.. wasting more of your time and patience!

- You've run out of time

We always underestimate how long it will actually take us to move home, and speaking from experience, it takes three times longer than you expected to move out of your home, and even when you have moved it all across, you don’t know where anything is, because you didn’t organise any of it.

- You didn't labelling any boxes/ or organise the contents of the boxes

This just speaks for itself. The irritation you will feel when you can’t find anything you need, you feel like you’ve gone through every box and still can’t find all of your essentials. Not doing this simple task interrupts your daily routines so much and causes you and your family a lot of unnecessary stress.

- You forgot to clean

It’s common curtesy to clean your home and leave it at a certain standard for when the new owners move in. You do not want to leave yourself in a position where you have left yourself no time to clean and the new owners have turned up.

So, how do Edit and Alter's packing services help?

Our packing service includes all of the materials and labour included to safely pack and unpack all of your items. As professional packers, we have access to high quality packing materials and have training in the most efficient ways to move you and your family out of your home and into the new one. We make sure that each box is organised with similar or the same items so that it is easier to find your things when we unpack for you. We label all of the boxes with great detail, write up an itinerary for each box, and add locations to guide the removal team when unpacking them. We also offer a decluttering service previous to the packing service so that you are not bringing along unwanted items to your new home. As well as all of this, we’re also there as a shoulder to relax on. Moving home can really take it out of you, so let us take the stress away.

As a company, we want our clients to be released from the stress and anxiety that comes with moving home. We consume all of the hard work and all we ask of you, is to relax, maybe go get a tea or a coffee, and get ready for your new life, in your new home!

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This is some really helpful advice, i'm planning on moving next year so will definitely need some assistance!

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